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Zutara Secret Santa!

If anyone is interested in doing this again, I'm trying to get one rolling on tumblr. =)

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Violet hearts- chapter 5 (Katara)a

When I wake up, Zuko's arms are wrapped me and his heartbeat is pressed against mine. I yelp in surprise, waking him up.

"Sorry, I-" Zuko and I say in synchronism.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep." I apologise.

"You seem to have a thing with accidentally falling asleep next to me." Zuko smirks. Suddenly, my door flies open and Suki walks in.

"Agh! Sorry!" She exclaims as she rushes out, only to run back in again.

"wait, what? You guys?" She asks, confused.

"Um...we were sleepy...er..." Zuko tries to explain, and we're both blushing furiously.

"Are you guys, like...dating?" She asks.

"Um...kind of, I'm not sure." I say truthfully.

"Did you guys...like...do the thing?" Suki uses hand gestures to try and help explain.

"No!" Zuko and I exclaim at once.

"Okay..." Suki says. I can feel the awkward in the room.

"Can you promise not to tell anyone? Not even Sokka?" I plead.

"Of course." Suki smiles, "I'll um...leave you two alone." Suki rushes out of my room. Hiding this is going to be harder than I thought...

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Violet hearts- Chapter 4 (Katara)

"So, what would you like to know?" Zuko asks, and I know this is going to be weird. I've known Zuko almost as long as I've known Aang, but he was my enemy. Now I'm trying to have a normal conversation about his life...it's just really strange.

"Um, I don't know...what's your favourite colour?" I ask.

"I like red." He replies.

"Wow, you're stereotypical. Your from the fire nation and you like red." I laugh.

"Oh, so you're favourite colour isn't blue, water girl?" Zuko questions me, and I realise he's right.

"Okay, fine, you have a point. Anyway, next question...umm...what do you want to be when you're older?"

"Well, I've never really needed to think about that before. I mean, I was always supposed to be fire Lord, but I guess now, Azula would become fire Lord. I guess I would be...I don't know...a farmer?" Zuko says, and I laugh.

"Well, when this works out and we defeat the firelord, you won't need to worry about being a farmer, you'll be the Firelord." I tell him.

"And what if it doesn't work out?" Zuko asks.

"I guess...we'll be thrown in prison, or even killed. I don't know, it's not a thing I like to think about." I admit. Thinking about what happens if we lose doesn't make me feel any better, so I try to just avoid it.

"Yeah..." Zuko says, and we seem to have gotten onto a bit of a sad subject. "Well...can I ask the next question?"

"of course you can! Ask away!"

"What was it like before you and Sokka met Aang? In the southern water tribe?" Zuko asks.

"Well, it was good, I guess. I mean, when I was little, everything was great. We were a big happy family, my parents, my gran gran, Sokka and me. Then my mom died, and...well, i wasn't sure what to think. I was sad beyond what I thought I could be, but I just...carried on. My mom had always been my role model, and she was always so strong and persistent, so I guess I just did what I thought she would want me to do. Sokka...he broke down. He was devastated, like me, but he had a different way of handling it. He wouldn't talk to anyone, it was horrible. He got better, eventually, then my dad left for war. Sokka wanted to come with, but he was too young. It was my gran gran looking after us, and I was loved with chores that the adults were supposed to do. then we met Aang..." I tell Zuko. It's strange, how easy I can talk to him. "So, what was life like in the royal palace?"

"Well, when we were little, we visited here a lot, and my family was pretty happy. Then we got older, and Azula turned out to be a prodigy. She was amazing at firebending, super advanced for her age. I, on the other hand, want very good at all. I could never do the sequences properly, and my dad favourited Azula. My mom...she was always there for me. I guess it was just a mother's love...you understand. When I was about 10, we got a letter...our cousin Lu Ten had died in war. My uncle abandoned his siege on Ba Sing Se and came home, grieving his son. Azula thought he shouldn't have left Ba Sing Se, and said our dad would be a better firelord. Then me and Azula overheard my dad talking to Fire Lord Azulon, saying that he should be firelord because he had heirs and uncle didn't anymore. I think I told you this bit yesterday, didn't I?"

"Yeah." I reply, caught up in Zuko's story.

"So once my mom left, the place was a lot sadder. When I was 13, I convinced my uncle to let me into the war meeting. The general was saying that we should use the new recruits to bait the Earth Kingdom. I spoke out, saying how we couldn't just waste our people, who are serving our nation like that, but it wasn't my place to speak out. The general challenged me to an Agni Kai, which is a fire duel, usually to the death. Since the general was pretty old, I accepted, but I had spoken out in the fire lord's chamber, which meant when I turned around to face my opponent, it wasn't the general, it...it was my father." Zuko says. I gasp; Zuko had to duel his own dad? "When I saw it was him, I refused to fight. I begged him, but he said it was dishonourable, and he said...he said I would learn respect, and suffering would be my teacher. His hand was ablaze, and-" Zuko breaks off, but I understand. I've always wondered how Zuko got his scar, but I never imagined something so horrible. His own father... "The firelord banished me, saying I could only return when I had the avatar."

I honestly don't know what to say. It makes me feel ten times worse about what I said in the caves if Ba Sing Se, even though I know he forgives me. I go over and hug Zuko, and he grips my back, his hand tangling with my hair. We stay there forever, our arms interlocked, absorbing eachother's warmth, and I feel myself drifting away to the comfort of Zuko's arms wrapped around me.

Violet Hearts- chapter 3 (Zuko)

Katara pulls me into a tight embrace, which I'm guessing is to make sure everyone knows that we've made up. I wrap my arms around her, and I wish I could stay there forever, but long hugs might make Aang suspicious. She lets go of me and I notice she's slipped a note into my robe.

"You were right about what Katara needed," I tell Aang, "violence wasn't the answer."

"It never is." Aang says.

"Then I have a question for you: what are you going to do when you face my father?"

Aang avoids my stare, his eyes unsure. I feel a burst of sympathy for Aang; he's just a kid. He has such large expectations and so little time. When I was a year older than him, I couldnt face my father, and he has to kill the firelord. Then again, when I was challenged to the Agni Kai, the firelord was still...my dad. Now the firelord is the enemy, and there's no sympathy for him in me.

I decide to go to my room and read Katara's note, so I do just that. Her hand writing is small and neat, perfectly spaced on the wrinkled paper. The note says:


I know yesterday was confusing for both of us, but I think I've come to a decision. Come to my room after dinner if you want to know.


It's a short note, but it excites me nonetheless. Despite my excitement, I can't help thinking about the note I left Mai. I know I should have told her in person, but I just couldn't. It would make the reality of what I was doing too...real. When I left Mai in the cell, I knew it was over, for good this time. Seeing her defend me against Azula confused me, and I try not to think about it too much. But this is about Katara. To be honest, I didn't realise I even liked Katara until was full on crushing on her, and I was in the deep end. I would have never expected she actually liked me back, and I thought I had totally messed up when I kissed her. Then she kissed me back and I honestly didn't know what to think; I still don't know what to think.

I wish I had uncle to help out. Not just this, but with everything. He was the best thing that I could have had in my life and I betrayed him. I'll never forgive myself.


Soon enough, Katara's calling everyone for dinner, and we all run to the pot of rice and vegetables. It's strange to have Katara actually smiling at me instead of death glares, and her sitting somewhere that's not as far away from me as possible.

"So, I heard you two made up!" Sokka exclaims.

"Yep!" Katara says, and I nod.

"It's gonna be nice not having you guys at eachother's throats all the time." Toph comments, and everyone agrees.

"So Zuko, how's it feel to have my sister being nice to you?" Sokka asks.

"Oh, it's nice." I tell Sokka.

Sokka seems to be satisfied with my answer, because he has abandoned making conversation and gone back to stuffing rice in his mouth. Katara makes a disgusted face at him and I smile; if only I could of had that kind of relationship with Azula.

After dinner, everyone goes to their room, and I knock on Katara's door.

"Come in." She says, and I do. "Oh, hi Zuko."

"Hi." I greet her.

"So, about yesterday...well, I've decided I want to get to know you a bit better before we do anything rash." Katara informs me.


"I mean, I still have feelings for Aang, but I guess, so far...I've chosen you." Katara says, and I'm not sure I heard right. She chooses me? I never wanted to get between her and Aang, but if she chooses me over Aang...then I'm fine with it.

"You're sure, right?" I confirm.

"Well, I think. I just want to see how things go, okay?"

"Okay, I just don't want to get between you and Aang."

"Don't worry, you're not. I just want to know a bit more about you, since I know a lot about Aang." Katara assures me, and I smile.

"So," I ask, "what would you like to know?"

Violet hearts- Chapter 2 (Katara)

I wake up, cuddled up next to Zuko, and immediately jump annnway. How did that happen?

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened..." I apologise to Zuko.

"It ok. You fell asleep here, and I didn't want to move you because you might've woken up, so...yeah." Zuko explains.

"It's okay. It was kinda...nice." I admit. Wait, what? It wasn't nice! Well, it was...but I shouldn't have said that to Zuko!

"Oh...thanks...I thought it was too." Zuko admits. He's blushing furiously now, and I laugh. "What?"

"Oh, it's just cute when you blush." I laugh. Did I actually just say that? Zuko's not cute! Well, he is, but...ugh,my don't even know right now.

"Thanks, I've always wanted to be cute." Zuko laughs, and I'm pretty sure we're both blushing now. We lock eyes, and before I can even register what's happening, his lips brush against mine, only to pull away. I'm shocked at what just happened, but also a bit annoyed at the loss of contact. I can't like Zuko, right? No, I like Aang. But why did it feel so nice when Zuko was kissing me? Is it possible to like two people at once? But out of my thoughts, Zuko just kissed me.

"Katara, I'm so sorry, I don't know, I just-"

I don't know what I'm doing, considering I've only had one kiss in my life, but I lightly kiss him. He's rigid at first, and I'm about to pull away, but he seems to relax and kisses me back. It's not like Jet's kiss, cool and pressed and slightly confused, or Aang's, light and warm and smiley. This is soft and caring, but with a growing passionate undertone. It's warm, but better than warm. It is like fire, which I suppose I should expect from a firebender. It's like a we're two puzzle piece's that go together, and I feel a strange need for Zuko that I've never felt with anyone in my life. Zuko's hands have found a way to intertwine with mine, and this is turning out to be the longest, and possibly nicest kiss, I've ever had. Then we pull away and stare for a few moments. I was too caught up in the moment to register it, but I just kissed Zuko.

"I'm confused." Zuko admits, "do you like me?"

"No, I just kissed you because I wondered what it would feel like," I say, keeping my sarcasm level at its peak. "Yes, Zuko, I like you."

"But...I thought you liked Aang." He frowns.

"I do, but I like you as well and...I don't know." I try to explain.

"Well, I don't want to pressure you, ok?" Zuko says, and I smile. He really is sweet. I see the air temple ahead of us and look at Zuko, "hey, I'm thinking we should not tell the others about this right now." I say.

"I'm thinking the same thing." Zuko agrees as we land. No one is to be seen, but it's pretty early, so they're probably not awake yet. I go sit by the water as Zuko goes to do something else.

Zuko or Aang? I know I don't need to decide right this moment, but I want to sort my feelings out now. With Aang, we've known eachother ages. We trust eachother, and we've been through a lot. He has a huge crush on me, it's pretty obvious, but do like him am much as he likes me? We kissed at the invasion, and it was nice, but I just don't know.

With Zuko... well, we've known eachother for ages too, but not as friends. We only became friends yesterday. I really like him too, and when I kissed him, it felt really...right. I wanted it to go on forever, as if that's the way it'd meant to be, but am I just jumping at the situation? He's easy to talk to, but do I actually trust him completely?

That's the thing, I think I do. I spent all the time he joined trying not to trust him, but it's like I can talk to him about anything, and he talked about his mom to me. He does care about me, like when he saved me from the rocks, but Aang would do that too. If I choose Zuko, then if it doesn't work out, I can just go to Aang, right? If I choose Aang, then would I be able to go for Zuko?

Maybe I'm just overthinking this. With Aang, it feels reassuring, sweet and kind. It's safe and joyful and it's built of our friendship. But should it have just stayed as friendship? With Zuko, it's also sweet, but it's exciting and different. It's fiery and powerful. I decide to write Zuko a note to meet me in my tent later. I've had lots of time with Aang, maybe if I spend more time with Zuko, the decision will be easier.

Suddenly, Aang and Zuko run up to me; why both of the boys at once?

"Katara, are you okay?" Aang asks.

"I'm doing fine." I reassure him.

"Zuko told me about what you did...or what you didn't do. I just want to say, I'm proud of you."

"I wanted to do it. I wanted to take out all my anger at him, but I couldn't." I admit, "I don't know if it's because I'm too weak to do it or because I'm strong enough not to."

"You did the right thing." Aang smiles, "Forgiveness is the first step you have to take to begin healing."

I stand up, "But I didn't forgive him. I'll never forgive him." I smil at Zuko. Aang doesn't know I already forgave Zuko, and this will be a good time to give Zuko my note, "But I am ready to forgive you." I smile and hug him, slipping the note into his pocket. Though I want to, I don't hug for to long, or else Aang might suspect something. I walk away, and I can feel Zuko's eyes on me. Hopefully this works out.

Violet hearts- chapter 1 (Katara)

"Me!" I hear my voice ring out as if it is detached from my body. I waterbend the raindrops into a shield around us, then into slivers of ice at him, unleashing my rage, but the icicles quiver, millimetres away from his pale, aged face, reflecting the fear in those dark brown eyes. I remember those eyes. I remember them glaring at me, an eight year old girl, as my childish frame shook with fear. I could never forget those eyes.

I could do it. I could end his life, stop his terrified heart beat. I imagine it in my head, the icicles peircing him body. The shaking would stop and his wrinkled face would grey. His vermillion blood would swirl with the slowly melting ice, and I would just watch. I want to do it. I want to silence his whimpering and deaden those monstrous eyes. I want to do it more than anything.

But I can't.

I unclench my fists as I let the water pool over the sick man.

"I did a bad thing!" Yon Rha admits, as if I didn't know. "I know I did and you deserve revenge, so why don't you take my mother? That would be fair!"

"I always wondered what kind of person could do such a thing, but now that I see you, I think I understand. There's just nothing inside you, nothing at all. You're pathetic and sad and empty." I spit, letting my hate flow through my words like vermillion ink through a quill.

"Please, spare me!" He cries.

"But as much as I hate you..." I turn away, not wanting to look at those eyes. "I just can't do it."


I sit on the saddle of Appa and Zuko grips the reins. I don't understand why I couldn't do it, I just couldn't. I could say I thought back to what Aang said, but I had forgotten about Aang. It was just me and the heartless man who burned the life out of my mother. I'm thankful that Zuko stays silent, respecting my loss. It makes me think back to the Crystal Catacombes at Ba Sing Se.

That's something we have in common.

What did he mean? Has Zuko lost his mother? Come to think of it, I don't even know how he got his scar. But as much as I want to know, he's respecting my space, so I need to respect his.

"Zuko?" I ask.


"Do you think I did the right thing?" I ask. The truth is, I don't know if I did , and I want someone's opinion.

"I'm not sure, really. If I was in a position like that...I'm not sure." Zuko says.

"Zuko, what you said when we were in prison together, about your mom...is she..." I ask him, treading lightly to make sure I don't hurt him.

"I...I don't know. My uncle, he had just lost his son, Lu Ten, to the war, and he surrendered to Ba Sing Se. My dad wanted to be firelord, so he tried to convince his dad to take away my uncle's birthright, since he had heirs and uncle didn't anymore. The Fire Lord was furious, so said that he needed to learn the pain of losing a first born son like my uncle did, so my father needed to kill me. He...he was going to do it," Zuko explains. I gasp under my breath.

"He was going to do it? I know he's bad but that's...he was going to kill his own son. He was going to kill you." I breath. Zuko nods.

"My mom wanted to protect me. I'm not sure what happened, but my dad said terrible acts of treason happened that night, and somehow the old fire Lord died, my dad became the new one instead of my uncle and I wasn't killed. But my mother was banished from the fire nation. I don't know where she is now, or if she's even...if she's alive." Zuko says.

"If your mother's out there...if we make it out of this, we should all try to find her." I say.

"I don't know, she could be anywhere. So, are we...okay?" Zuko questions me hopefully.

"I...I don't know. I think so." I say, unsure.

"That's good enough for me. And I'm really sorry about Ba Sing Se, I just...I was so wrong to go with Azula, but I hadn't been home in three years and I guess...I don't know, I guess..."

"Three years?" I ask. Did he run away or something?

"Yeah, it...it's a long story." Zuko says.

"That seems to always be the case with you."

"Hey, I just told you about my mom, don't you-"

"I'm joking." I laugh, I I feel myself brush against Zuko's side. When did I get so near him? I look away and he does too, his cheeks red. I can my cheeks warm to, though they have no reason to be. I don't like Zuko!

"Er, sorry. I didn't realise I had moved up next to you. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything..." I say.

"No, it's fine, your not making me uncomfortable." Zuko assures me.

"Then why are you blushing?" I smirk.

"I- I'm...I'm cold?" Zuko says more of a question than a statement. I laugh and feel myself brush up against Zuko again. "Hey Katara? I forgot to ask you, but what were you doing to that guy? You were...controlling him or something."

I explain how I learnt bloodbending, and he listens intently. It's not a story I like to recall, like the story of my mother, but Zuko's surprisingly easy to talk to.

"That story of the people disappearing in the mountain...Azula used to tell it to me to scare me." Zuko says, "I never thought it was true though."

"Turns out it was."

"You should get some rest, you look tired." Zuko says. I lean my head against Zuko's shoulder, then immediately pull away. That was weird. I shouldn't be getting so cuddly with Zuko, I've just started to trust him. I want to go lay down on the saddle, but I don't want to leave Zuko either. What's happening to me, I should be fine with going to sleep on the saddle! But I don't, and I find myself drifting off next to Zuko.

Violet hearts- prologue

I woke up up in a good mood. I could feel the sun shining through my dark tent, and the fragrant scent of flowers blossomed in the air. I heard birds twittering outside as I got dressed in my water tribe clothes. I stepped outside my tent, and my joyful mood diminished. He was here, sitting outside my tent, his dark hair hanging over his sharp gold eyes and his jagged scar. Memories from yesterday came flooding back into my mind, and fury filled my chest. What right did he have to question my trust? He knew he was a terrible person, there was no way that he can deny it. Why would he have changed now? I thought he had changed once and he betrayed me. Aang got killed. If I had wasted my spirit water on him, Aang would be lifeless, and the fire nation would conquer the world. And soon enough, Zuko would've led the nation that took over. Maybe even the world. He couldn't come back to us now, acting as if he'd changed.

Admittedly, it was harder than expected to make sure Zuko never got a glance or a good word from me. Still, I couldn't trust him. Not after he betrayed me. The thing was, I truly believed he was good back in the crystal catacombes, but it was more than that: I believed he understood me. The way he was talking about his mother...I felt I could relate, and that's a lot. That's more than I've ever got from anyone else. But when the time came, he proved that he couldn't bare to lose his precious honour, and he went with Azula.

But he was back again. He got Toph trusting him, he got Aang trusting him. He even got Sokka trusting him. But if there's one thing I knew, it's that I would never let him have my trust again.

Now he was standing outside my tent, looking straight at me with his piercing eyes.

"You look terrible." I spat, making sure not to meet his stare.

"I waited out here all night for you." Zuko informed me, as if I cared. Well, it was pretty touching that he waited here all night, but I didn't care.

I turned my back to him and began brushing my hair, trying to ignore Zuko's footsteps walking up to me. He was really getting on my nerves by not getting to the point, which made my heart beat a little faster. He was way too close for comfort. Sure, he was about two feet away, but I didn't trust him.

"What do you want?" I questioned him.

"I know who killed your mother, and I'm going to help you find him." Zuko said, and I swear my heart stopped in shock. Zuko was going to help me find him? The disgusting man who killed my mother? No one had ever even implied the idea of getting closure of my mother's death, and now, the boy I was determined to hate, was offering? Maybe he did understand me...

No, I couldn't think like that. Like Zuko was a real human being, with feelings, emotions. With memories as broken and tear stained as mine. I trusted him, and he betrayed me; just like Jet did.

But you trusted Jet again after he betrayed you.

Yes, and I got even more hurt. Unlike Jet's, Zuko's heart was still beating. Unlike Jet, Zuko was my enemy until I began to trust him in the crystal catacombes. Unlike Jet, Zuko was offering me an oppurtunity that I had never imagined was possible. An oppurtunity that could change everything..

PS: this story is on wattpad, I've written about 10 chapters so far.

Violet hearts- blurb

There are Crimson roses and there are cerulean forget-me-nots, but violets are the mauve-shaded blossoms in between. Katara's always known what she wants, but things are about to change. Will she choose the canary-coloured sunflower or the vermillion toned rose?

Fancy metaphoric descriptions aside, this is basically zutara stuff in between episodes, carrying on after the show ends.,It doesn't take the promise or the search comics into consideration.
***disclaimer: I do not own avatar the last airbender.***

Fic: Smoke in My Eyes (Chapter Five)

Title: Smoke in My Eyes
Rating: Rating: M (for adult themes, alcohol/tobacco use and sexual situations)
Summary: AU Modern Day. As she was leaving, she later encountered a chanced meeting, which sent a domino effect of events that will leave everyone involved reeling. Jet/Katara (briefly), Katara/Zuko.


“Katara? What’s wrong?”

“It could be nothing, but I heard,” then she sighed before finishing, “I heard something and again, it could be nothing, but I need to know.”

Now Zuko was truly confused. “Need to know what? Katara, what are you trying to say?”

“What am I to you?”

Zuko sat down on the couch in the living room and briefly wondered how in a span of two days they went from having such intimate relations on that very couch to the conversation he was trying to make sense of right now.

“You’re someone who has become very special to me,” he finally answered honestly.

“Enough so that if your father was to object to our relationship you’d defend us?”

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Why I ship zutara and not kataang.

So, considering this is a zutara board, everyone reading this will probably ship zutara, but I wanted to write this anyway. I don't know anyone else who ships zutara, so I thought this would be a good place to say exactly why I love zutara so much, and why I don't think kataang would work out.

First off, I'd like to point out, I loved kataang when I first watched the show. Granted, I was about 5 years old, but I'm still not completely biased. I rewatched it again this year, and in season 1, despite knowing abut zutara, I liked Kataang. It was cute, and it was obvious Aang liked Katara. They felt very close to eachother, and they both blushed at least once for eachother. The first "zutara" moment, where Zuko tied katara up to the tree, felt uncomfortable and creepy to me, and I leant even more to kataang. Despite all this, I actually didn't ship kataang. It lacked substance, and a spark, but I assumed that would be built up in the following seasons.

Spoiler alert: It wasn't.

So now we're at season 2...ahhh, season 2, where we meet toph, Azula, swamp people and my first zutara moment. Happy memories. Although season two was a great season, kataang kind of went down for me, and not just because of that crystal catacombes scene (which I'll talk about later). I can't actually think of a single time Katara blushed for Aang in S2, despite his crush in her was just growing and growing. Nothing in their relashipship was built up, and it made me feel like Katara got over whatever bit of her liked Aang (ie one blush). Sure, maybe she kissed him in the cheek once or twice, but I feel like that was more just making him happy. It seemed like the creators kind of forgot about kataang, and then at the end, tried to push something by adding in that "I can't let go of Katara! I love her!" Bit with Aang and the guru. It's funny how kataangers think Aang saying he loves Katara makes kataang the perfect ship, because it doesn't. It's like if I said I love calum hood, that's doesn't mean we're the perfect match and you should go off shipping bralum or whatever our ship name would be. Sure, you can say Katara loves Aang, and I have no doubt she does, but not in the way Aang loves her. Katara loves Aang in an almost, if not completely, motherly way. Aang, on the other hand, fantasies about kissing her. Aang feels an attachment to Katara, that he feels he can't let go of. The thing is, if Aang really loves Katara in the way that a relationship should be built off of, he should be happy if she's happy. What would make Katara happy? Putting a stop to the war. But instead, Aang thinks about his feelings for her. The same happens when he unlocks avatar state and he says "I'm sorry Katara." For what? For making her happy by unlocking the power to put an end to this war? No; he's sorry because he thinks that letting go of her will cause them not to have a romantic relationship, and he thinks that if he wants a romantic relationship with her, she obviously does with him. He's actually sorry for himself.

Now, the scene that turned me into a zutarian: the crystal catacombes. Even though I didn't think much of the part where Katara's yelling at Zuko when I was watching it, looking back, it just adds to the scenes. You can see Katara hates Zuko. She hates him so much that she's even made assumptions about him ("you're the fire lords son, spreading war and hatred is in your blood"). Now, seeing Zuko's past with his family, I would be hurt, and probably super angry at the comments she's making. But what does Zuko do? He just listens. He lets her rant. Because he knows she has every reason to hate him. He knows he's done wrong in the past. And he feels bad. When he says "that's smething we have in common," I take it as his own little way of comfort. They may be from totally different life styles, and opposite sides, but he still gets her. He understands what she's talking about. Then the next bit that's shown with them, she's apologising. Katara's apologising to the guy she was full-on shouting at...maybe half an hour ago? That is the effect he just had on her. Then the fact that after such a short time of beginning to trust him, she actually offers to use the spirit water on him. A lot of kataangers say it's just her motherly instinct, but Katara has never shown any motherlyness to Zuko (which I'll bring up later). Then Aang and Iroh break in, Zuko and Katara move closer (!!!), and Aang gives Zuko that death glare. Oh, that pissed me off. Is Katara your's, Aang? Are you going to give eyebrow threats to every guy who gets near to her? I realise he likes Katara, but she was the one who offered to heal Zuko's scar in the first place. I mean, if Zuko was doing anything wrong, Katara would have waterbended his face off or something. And then when Katara leaves, and she just looks at Zuko, half-hopeful, and he just looks away. What does that remind me of? Oh yeah, that reminds me of ANY POWERFUL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH SUBSTANCE THAT IS USUALLY IN AN EPIC LOVE ROMANCE NOVELS AND BECOME BESTSELLERS!! sorry, I got a bit enthusiastic lol.

Then in season 3, zutara goes wayyyyy up and kataang goes wayyyyy down. Now, I know there was that dance between Aang and Katara, which most kataangers found hot, but Katara probably just thought was a bit of fun. I personally just saw some kids dancing around and having a good time. Another thing is Aang's ignorance of Katara's feelings; when he forces the kiss on her, he doesn't even apologise, he just knows he did something wrong because she runs away. When Zuko joined the gaang, and my hopes of zutara were resparked. At first, Katara hates Zuko, and it's understandable; he betrayed her. The others are willing to trust him, but she isn't, because what happened in the crossroads of destiny ep was personal. Now, as far as we know, she's only been betrayed by one person before, and that was jet. He showed up, all charismatic and heroic and impressive, so it came as a huge shock when he betrayed her. Even so, she was still willing to trust him when they meet again. With Zuko, he's been the enemy to her for the whole time, just like he has been with Sokka and Aang. She began to trust him, and he betrayed her, but would it have come as a big of a shock to her as jet? Probably not. Yet, for so long, she absolutely refuses to trust him again, because she thinks he'll betray her again. But this also shows again how much their little conversation meant to her, and, romantic or non-romantic, there were strong feelings between them.

When Zuko says he can help her find her mother's killer, the look in her face says it all. When her mom died, she didn't have any time to grieve, she was immediately given a bigger, adult pair of shoes to fill. For someone to actually think of her, and only her, especially with a topic like her mother's killer...it must have been unreal. We've never really seen Katara as a dark character, but in TSR, we do. She even uses bloodbending, as her own choice, to the man she thought had killed her mother. We see Katara at her lowest, darkest point in this episode, and guess who else sees it? The only other person in the gaang who sees it? Zuko. At the same time, we can see that even though this mission was for Katara, it's personal to Zuko too. When he tells Yon Rha to look at Katara's eyes, the way he says it shows that 1, he cares about Katara and 2, he can connect with this mission. He feels the need to do this, because if he was in Katara's place, he knows what he would do. On the other hand, Aang in TSR, shows exactly why I love zutara: they have empathy that kataang will never have. I'm not saying that it's Aang's fault that his losses are different than his, but it's the way he tells her how she should handle it, without properly understanding what she's going through. He was brought up as a peaceful little monk, he doesn't want to get revenge or justice. But Katara's darker than him. She want to get revenge, and it's Zuko who understands what she's feeling. Aang doesn't have the right to tell her what she should do, because he doesn't get it. It'd also that he said forgiveness is the first step to healing, because it's not; closure is, and Katara never got closure. And you can see, she didn't forgive Yon Rha, but the trip obviously affected her and helped her begun healing.

When Zuko needs to decide who to bring with to fight Azula, he chooses Katara with about half a second of thinking. He knows they work as a good team. When he takes the Lightning bold for her...he said one single word, and it's filled with so much raw emotion, and the same when Katara yells out Zuko's name. When Zuko jumped for that lightning, he knew he wasn't going to be able to redirect it. But he jusmped anyway. You can see Katara isn't thinking too clearly when she's up against Azula, and the relief in her eyes when she heals Zuko is amazing. This is how Katara spends the finally: arguing with Aang, being in battle with Zuko, where he takes a bullet for her, and every single emotion is at it's peak, then kissing Aang. Because that makes sense.

Another thing is that Aang is s child. Now, I know, the age difference with Kataang and Zutara are both two years, but we see Aang as a kid. Sure, he faces his responsibilities and saves the world, but at heart, he's still a child. Katara, on the other hand, is an adult. She may be 14, but she grew up too fast, and viewers see her as an adult. I was arguing with a kataanger once and I told them this point. They replied with something about how Katara is selfish in a childish way, but they didn't really get he point. Every adult is childish in one way or another, but that does not make them a child, or give them a mindset that matches a child. With Zuko, he grew up too fast as well, and we definitely see him as an adult.

As I said before, zutara has empathy. Some kataangers mock that Zuko and Katara can share "mommy problems", and to be honest, they can, but it goes deeper than that. A big part of relationships is understanding, and zutara has that. Zuko and Katara began understanding eachother when they were locked in a cave together for one hour at the most. With kataang, I see very little understanding, and I'm not even thinking about empathy right now, I mean basic understanding of eachother's feelings. Also, zutara has great understanding overall, but family problems is a main one. The thing is, you can see how much the loss of their mothers affected both of them and shaped them as people. With Katara, it made her grow up to fast, taking on adult shoes when she should have been taking on preteen ones. You can see how deeply and strongly she feels about her mother's death, and how much she truly cares about what happened. With Zuko, his circumstances were different, but his mom leaving really was a game-changer for his life. It hardened him as a person, and it took away that protection and love that he only got from his mother. Katara and Zuko understand this about eachother so easily, and their relationship was influenced by that.

Also, Katara is motherly to Aang, it's a canon fact (seen in the runaway). Katar is motherly to nearly everyone, it's just in her nature, but they don't put Katara and Toph in a romantic light, so it's fine. As a said before, Katara's live for Aang is motherly, and while that's a very powerful love, it's not romantic. The only people we see Katara not mothering are guys she likes (like jet). Katara doesn't mother Zuko. Even when she cares for him, you can see it's not in any way motherly. If it was, Zuko wouldn't accept it, because he doesn't want motherly love from anyone but his mother (*sob*). Honestly, even if Katara did have more prominent romantic feelings for Aang, I don't think Kataang would've worked out. Every character has a flaw, but Aang's, being selfish and Katara's, caring too much, would've clashed. They want different things in a relationship; Aang wants freedom and fun, Katara want something meaningful and emotional. Aang would be bored, Katara would be frustrated. On the other hand, Zutara is so interesting. Katara and Zuko are conventional opposites; water and fire, ying and yang, hot and cold, etc, but at the same time, they're similar; they are both highly emotionally orientated people who aren't afraid to speak their minds. Katara cares and is persistent enough to get through Zuko's confused or angry patches, and he is calm enough around her to get through her crazed freak outs.

In the end, zutara has understanding, empathy, similarities, awesome opposites, comparisons and accidental dressing up as spirit lovers, and Kataang has blushes and a one sided crush. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Zutara will always be my OTP.


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