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fic recs!

it's been a very long time since I posted on here (and been on lj) and I've recently fallen back in love with Zutara.

now, I'd really like a story set in season 1 or 2. there are sooo many fics based in season 3 and it kinda gets boring. anyone have any suggestions?

it can be any length and any rating. also, I'd prefer the story to be on because it's easier to read on my phone, but if you've got a good one that isn't posted there, it's all good!

thank you and I hope some of you are able to help me! :)


Hey guys! Just had a quick question... does anyone know what happened to capslock_zutara? I had an A:TLA kick the other day and went back to it and it was gone :O I was devastated :((( Hope someone can shed some light on this.

Zutara x Frozen | Crossover scenario

Anyone alive here?
Well I sure hope you are,
as there's this prompt that's been bugging me for some time, and I'm eager to share with you what little of it I could write down as who knows what if it can inspire you?
oh dear that's my plan all along

The scenario is all classical ATLA but with Katara having a 100% Elsa's personality, Elsa's worries, insecurities and inability to embrace her waterbending gift.

And of course, the unfortunate Sifu to teach our Katara|Elsa letting it go would be dear prince Zuko - through snark remarks at first, then - through fighting and finally - through forgiving and embracing each other their personalities.

If anyone can write a something (anything, actually) on this crossover, I totally would owe you an illustration for that one.

p.s. Anticipating ZW-2014!!

Lex Talionis Ch.8 update

Title: Lex Talionis
Chapter 8 : An annoying waterbender
Rating: T
Words: 5,685
Summary: Sometimes revenge isn't sweet, it can be downright cruel. AU Zutara.

Story link:

The next morning, Katara walked into the room to find the food still there on the tray. She gritted her teeth as she mumbled under her breath. “Jerk.”
She sighed wearily as she went to grab the tray. “Why do I even bother?”
 Picking it up, she held it at her side and stuck her tongue out at his back. When she made to walk out of the room she heard his voice, nearly dropping the tray from shock.
“Hey, you!” he stated authoritatively.
“Would you stop being sneaky like that? You scared me half to death!” She said holding a hand to her chest.


new chapter of 'Sacrifices' available!

My ginormous and ongoing RL issues are still leaving me with very little writing time, but I still manage to squeeze in a page or two here and there. So I’m pleased to announce that the next chapter of Sacrifices has finally been completed and posted!  You can read it here at AO3:

Or here at FFnet:

Judging by the few reviews I’ve already gotten for it, or rather what most of those reviews have been focused on, this chapter is a lot more controversial than I thought it would be in our current social climate.  But still, I Regret Nothing.


Zutara Secret Santa - Pinch Hitters

Anyone who'd like to fill in as pinch-hitters for the Zutara Secret Santa on kz_secret_santa, please contact me here. Deadlines will be extended for the pinch-hitters, as well as thanks.

Pinch-hitters won't be contacted until after the New Year. :)

Promises to Keep -new chapter up

It's been several months since I've posted anything, due to Real Life this year being rather brutal for long stretches, and due to the stress and extra work involved in suddenly switching to solo parenting. But at least I've managed to produce the next chapter of Promises to Keep before Christmas!

Those who haven't lost interest in this story after several months without an update, can read Chapter 14: Tramps and Thieves here at FFnet:

Or here at AO3:

Happy Holidays, and happy reading!


Katara x Prince Zuko Shippers

water & fire

One moon (one moon)
One star (one star)
I love the one we are
One thread (one thread)
One line (one line)
That runs through our lives

After all is said and done
One and one still is one
When we cry, when we laugh
I am half, you are half
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