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Description: It truly is the crossroads of destiny. Avatar Aang has fallen in Ba Sing Se, and not in the avatar state. The new avatar will be born into the water tribe, but Azula has a plan to end the avatar cycle; a plan that involves a certain waterbender. Katara is taken to the Fire Nation and held captive, but could something blossom between her and Zuko? S2 zutara- romance, angst, hurt, adventure.

(Okay so my last try at a fanfic was a complete fail but I promise this one is better.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender.

Blinding light leaks through the crystalline clusters of rock and illuminates the azure water. She watches him rise, pride filling her chest and hope irradiating her sapphire eyes, but the light is gone too quickly and the emotion in her eyes is cracked.

Instinctively, she pulls the water to her hand and sends it chrashing down onto anyone in her path. Azula stumbles and the stream of lightning that had shot from her fingertips stops abruptly.

He is sprawled across the ground, his young, frail limbs bent in funny directions and his tattoos faded back to blue. But his chest still rises and falls ever-so-slightly, and his right hand twitches almost unnoticeably; he is alive. He is damaged and burnt and broken, but he is alive. Her face is coated with sweat and blood and tears that she didn't even realise had fallen, and her legs are sprinting towards him as saltwater clouds her vision. She is closer to him every second, closer to taking him in her arms and carrying him to safely. She barely notices when the white heats skims her shoulder, but she does notice when the electricity paints a picture of horror in front of her, his weak but agonising scream echoing in her eardrums and the scent of his scorched flesh invading her nostrils.

The avatar has fallen.

Finish the chapter: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11758734/1/Burnt-Sapphires


Katara x Prince Zuko Shippers

water & fire

One moon (one moon)
One star (one star)
I love the one we are
One thread (one thread)
One line (one line)
That runs through our lives

After all is said and done
One and one still is one
When we cry, when we laugh
I am half, you are half
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