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Description: It truly is the crossroads of destiny. Avatar Aang has fallen in Ba Sing Se, and not in the avatar state. The new avatar will be born into the water tribe, but Azula has a plan to end the avatar cycle; a plan that involves a certain waterbender. Katara is taken to the Fire Nation and held captive, but could something blossom between her and Zuko? S2 zutara, romance, angst, hurt, adventure.

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender

He should be outraged. The Prince of the Fire Nation, spat on by a lowly water peasant, even after he chose to be kind to her. Yet he does not feel anger. He has betrayed this girl's trust, joined the side that killed her friend, and has captured her to go along with his sister's plan. Fire Prince or not, he knows she has every right to hate him.

Those sapphire eyes, filled with loathing and fire, staring straight at his own amber ones. An act of defiance, of self-worth, of wilfulness.

He should value his pride more than the safety of this girl. He should bind her mouth shut again, not caring if she cannot get help when men become intoxicated. Yet he wipes the spit from his face and turns, lips pursed, her gag still on his fist, and strides away.

Finish the chapter: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11758734/2/Burnt-Sapphires


Katara x Prince Zuko Shippers

water & fire

One moon (one moon)
One star (one star)
I love the one we are
One thread (one thread)
One line (one line)
That runs through our lives

After all is said and done
One and one still is one
When we cry, when we laugh
I am half, you are half
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